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Membership Agreement Terms

By completing the form, I agree to the included information being held on a computer and used for information purposes in accordance with the details registered under the Data Protection Act.  I agree to liable for up to £1 should Bournemouth 2026 Trust become insolvent.  By becoming a member of the Trust, I understand that I commit to the approach, values and principles.

Our Values

Our core values are based on the public life standards and we expect our members to operate within these values. These will ensure that we build trust and confidence in everything we do.


We will act solely in terms of public benefit.


We will act ethically and with integrity.


We will always make choices based on merit.


We will be accountable for our decisions and submit to appropriate scrutiny.


We will be as open as possible about all of the decisions and actions we take.


We will resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public benefit.


We will promote and support these principles by leadership and example.


Our Principles

We will seek to meet the following principles:

  • Reduce inequality
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Be sustainable and work within the principles of the Earth Charter
  • Ensure the community is able to influence decisions


We will use our unique position of widespread trust, freedom to act independently and take a holistic and ethical approach to take on the concerns of the community and constructively challenge all who have a role to play in seeking effective solutions. We will enable and actively support organisations and communities to work together to bring about change. A key role of the Trust is to work with our members to review and revise the Sustainable Community Strategy as a means of focusing attention on the long term future of the town. We will achieve our priorities by identifying key issues affecting the community using consultation and research and will unlock the potential of our members to deliver better, more efficient and sustainable solutions by:

  • Consulting and engaging with public, private, voluntary sector organisations and the wider community
  • Challenging performance, prevailing attitudes and approaches of organisations, the media and communities ‘Being an agent of change
  • Encouraging a cohesive approach to problem solving
  • Acting as a conduit for communication and engagement between the organisations that can affect change and encourage an effective, partnership approach towards working together
  • Enabling the combined capabilities of members to be delivered more effectively and sustainably through brokering the development of strategic or operational partnerships
  • Encouraging innovative solutions
  • Challenging our own performance as a catalyst and enabler for change
  • Being enterprising and open to opportunity so that we are self-sustaining and generate surpluses to enable the trust to work towards achieving our vision for Bournemouth
  • Tackling inequality where we find it Being an influential body at strategic level within Bournemouth and surrounding areas (undertaking the role of an LSP where it is still required)
  • Focusing on the long term future for Bournemouth
  • Creating the conditions to enable others to deliver better outcomes
  • Providing a unique source of knowledge about interconnection of issues, services and organisations
  • Conduit for communication with local organisations from all sectors and encourage a cohesive, partnership approach towards working together Enterprising, open to opportunities and seeking innovative solutions