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Life and Money Skills

What We Do

Life And Money Skills provides "Personal and Financial Confidence" workshops and some 1-1 sessions for people who are on low incomes, including Parents, Young Parents, and people recovering from difficult lifestyles. Past clients have included Children's Centres, the Young Parents team, the Butterfly Foundation, West Howe Enterprises, Homestart South East Dorset and C.I.S. Our aim is to find the motivation behind making life changing choices within an individual then help them to discover ways of saving, budgeting, and building confidence towards creating a better future for themselves and/or their families. We work through partners, who advise us on any requirements/emphasis they would like for their clients in our 6 session courses and recruit the individuals they think would most benefit from our work. Clients provide the premises for us to work in, which is where their group feel most comfortable. We are beginning to work 1-1 with clients when funding available using specific coaching techniques which allow clients to release old barriers to success and mentally move towards small (or large) improvements that will make a difference to them and their families.