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Gladstone Mews

Please note:  All the units have been sold as of December 2014.  If a unit becomes available in the future it will be posted here or on our Facebook page.


‘Gladstone Mews’, is the Community Land Trust’s first project -  a development of affordable new homes on a patch of land between Haviland Road and Gladstone Road in Boscombe. The development includes 9 x two and 1 x three bedroom contemporary-style energy efficient houses and an accessible bungalow in a mews development with private gardens, parking, community growing space and an orchard. Each of the homes are fitted with fire sprinklers to make the homes safer.

Residents purchased the homes through a shared ownership scheme to keep the homes affordable.   Working in this way meant house prices were much more affordable than the price of similar properties in the area and ensures homes remain ‘affordable’ long after they’re sold on to the next buyer.

Gladstone Mews has been developed on a site where a number of buildings had been derelict for many years. A grade II listed building, now referred to as the Old School House, was restored and re-opened by the Council.

The homes provide much needed affordable family homes with gardens for local residents – that will remain affordable forever and cannot be sold on to someone who doesn’t meet strict criteria. The homes cannot be sublet or be used as second homes.

First priority for the ownership of these homes was given to people from Boscombe (living in Boscombe East or Boscombe West wards) and then to surrounding wards, then to Bournemouth and finally opened out to Dorset. There has been sufficient take up from the Boscombe and surrounding area. In a recent survey of Boscombe residents 32% said there should be an increase of affordable, decent housing.

A significant proportion of the site is for training/supporting and nurturing local creative businesses. The Old School House is the creative hub that is adding to the cultural life of Boscombe and is enabling job creation and stimulating regeneration. The listed elements of a former school building on the site have been restored and this building is now starting to buzz with the presence of small businesses using its facilities.

There is a communal orchard that has been planted and growing space for residents of Gladstone Mews to grow their own fruit and vegetables and to add to their sense of community.

Watch this video where Bournemouth 2026 Trustees and Gladstone Mews Applicants talk about this CLT development: