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Community Land Trust

Terraced units 8 - 11 in Gladstone Mews

What are the activities of a CLT?

Bournemouth 2026 Trust develops & maximises community assets through projects such as the Old School House Boscombe

Additionally the Trust enables affordable housing as seen through our first CLT develoment Gladstone Mews.

What is a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a non profit corporation that develops and stewards affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community.

There are a number of benefits to setting up and running a CLT. Usually, the stimulus is a desire to create affordable homes that are available to local people who cannot afford to purchase on the open market. However, often other challenges facing a community, such as setting up a community shop, or purchasing the local pub when it is about to close, may be the impetus behind setting up at CLT.

What are the main characteristics of a CLT?

  • CLTs are locally driven, controlled and democratically accountable.
  • CLTs can meet local housing needs even in areas with very high house prices.
  • CLTs, by retaining an equity share in each property, provide housing that is permanently affordable, benefitting many generations of residents.
  • CLTs give the community an asset for the future.
  • CLTs genuinely empower local communities, where communities are part of the vision and solution for their local area.

Bournemouth 2026 Trust, in further assessing how to meet two of its priorities i.e. Boscombe Regeneration and West Howe Regeneration, realised that affordable housing was a key issue facing those communities.  Becoming a Community Land Trust was a sensible approach in trying to meet that need.

To create affordability a CLT needs to receive initial subsidy in one form or another; be it free land, or financial grants from government, charities or benefactors. Once properties have been built, the land on which they are built is protected from fluctuations in land market valuations by a legal ‘asset lock’ that is a fundamental part of all the CLT structure.